At Hacienda Latin Restaurant, too many cooks in the kitchen is actually a good thing. The restaurant is owned and operated by four Dominican sisters and their mother. With years of catering experience, their combined talent is a recipe for success. So much so, their unique Oxtail Plate has earned them loyal customers that come back night after night. 

Serving up authentic Dominican flavors, their dishes are jam-packed with tradition and soul. Don’t leave without trying the Sancocho. Similar to Ajiaco, or vegetable stew, it has a kick of different flavors that showcases the slow cooking process. You might be familiar with chimichurri as a savory addition to a tender Argentinean steak, but at Hacienda Latin Restaurant the marinate is a completely different dish. Here the creation is a burger similar to a frita. What makes this one stand out is the side order. It comes with pan de agua, or water bread, that is made to order. 

For dessert lovers, Hacienda Latin Restaurant, wants to make sure you don’t leave without the sweet taste of forbidden pleasure. Their chocolate mousse is not only heavenly but a masterpiece. Swatches of raspberry and caramel sauces are used to garnish the dish, combining art and sugar. Keeping in line with tradition, habichuelas con dulce , or sweet beans, are a Dominican treat. Don’t be fooled by the word ‘beans’, the sweet treat takes red kidney beans to a whole new level. 

You’re assured never to leave hungry, as the menu is always evolving at Hacienda. Tex-Mex items will soon be available to satisfy the neighborhood’s needs. Learning about your favorite wines is also an option here. Wine tastings are held on Saturdays where you can experience some of the best Chilean wines. 

The saying goes ‘If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.’ And Hacienda Latin Restaurant brings enough heat to keep the locals coming back for more. There’s a little bit for everyone at Hacienda, so bring your family and friends for a true Latin experience just down the road.